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The stories of Gianna Simone are erotic, graphic, sometimes raw, and often very kinky. They take place in the darkly seductive bayous of Louisiana, distant worlds in a far-away galaxy, or simply long before the Americas were still undiscovered, when England was the greatest power in the world.

The characters in these tales are larger than life in many ways – whether they possess magic, can shape-shift, or simply destroy entire cities by controlling the energy around and in themselves. Even the “mere mortals” are larger and stronger than the people surrounding them. The men don’t take no for an answer, and the women accept them, flaws and all, even if they might disagree.

These books often contain at least some element of the BDSM lifestyle. Of course, since magic is such a big part of many of the characters, the activities are enhanced, making the play a little more interesting.

In the Devil’s Arms and Healing the Mage are available now for purchase at Amazon, All Romance Ebooks and Bookstrand, as well as other distributors of ebooks. Stay tuned for updates on upcoming titles.

In the meantime, stop by my blog to see what sort of antics I'm up to these days.


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